Project Name:

     Project Writer:
     bullet Asynchronous Local/
         Oversees Hospital Academic (ALOHA) System
   LTC C. Becket Mahnke
     bullet Big Island/Moanalua telemedicine hookup    Lawrence Eron MD
     bullet Diabetes Care and Treatment Project    Sven-Erik Bursell
     bullet eICU    COL Suzie Martin
     bullet Fetal TeleUltrasound    Dale Moyen
     bullet Hawaii Community Telehealth Network Program    Christine Maii Sakuda
     bulletHawaii Neuroscience Telehealth Network    Karen Seth
     bullet Hawaii DOH Genetics Outreach Practice Model    Lianne Hasegawa, MS, CGC
     bullet Heartsounds Tele-Auscultation    LTC C. Becket Mahnke
     bullet Hilo Telehealth Pilot Project    Keli Acquaro, DOH - CAMHD
     bullet HMSA's Online Care    Linda Axtell-Thompson,    HMSA
     bullet HMSA Telehomecare Demonstration    Nancy Johnson
     bullet HOPE    Nancy Johnson
     bullet Home Outreach Project for the Elders (H.O.P.E.):
        The Economic and Quality of Life Impact of Remote
        Technologies on High Risk Patients and Their Caregivers
   Dale Vincent, MD
     bullet HPH Continuing Medical Education (CME) via live video          conferencing    Dale Moyen
     bullet HPH Nurse Education / Learning Center    Dale Moyen
     bullet HPH PATH (Pacific Asynchronus Telehealth -
         DoD Technology Transfer Project)
   Dale Moyen
     bullet Kapiolani Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Pre         Transport Tele-Access    Dale Moyen
     bullet Kapiolani Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Pre 
        Transport Tele-Access, Tele-Cardiology
   Dale Moyen
     bullet Low Bandwidth Behavioral Telehealth    Dr. Raymond A. Folen
     bullet Molokai Radiology    Jeffrey Yu, MD
     bullet National Diabetic Teleretinal Screening Program    Jaclyn Griffin, NP
     bullet Nursery Pediatric Tele-Echocardiography    Lorna Nekoba
     bullet OHANA    Nancy Johnson
     bullet Ohana Health Home Glucose Monitoring Program    Joe Humphry, MD
     bullet Pacific Asynchronous TeleHealth (PATH) System:
         Pediatric and Adult Specialty Teleconsultation in the
         Pacific Region
   LTC C. Becket Mahnke
     bullet Pacific Island Health Care Program    COL Suzie Martin
     bullet Pediatric Diabetes Education Portal (PDeP)    MAJ Jordan Pinsker, MD
     bullet Pediatric Specialty Center Tele-Access    Dale Moyen
     bulletQueen’s Movement Disorder Telemedicine Clinic    Karen Seth
     bullet Telecare for Medically Fragile Patients    Daniel C Davis Jr MD FACP
     bullet Shriners Telemedicine Program    Jana Lindsey
     bullet Straub Intensivists’ / Kapiolani AICU Tele-ICU    Dale Moyen
     bullet Teledermatology    Jaclyn Griffin, NP
     bullet Teledermatology    Lawrence Eron MD
     bullet Telehealth and Telemedicine    Floyd Tokusato
     bullet Telehealth MOVE! Group    Jaclyn Griffin, NP
    bullet Telehealth Patient Education Clinic    Jaclyn Griffin, NP
     bullet Telehealth Primary Care – Mental Health Integrated
         Care Chronic Pain Management Group
   Jaclyn Griffin, NP
     bullet Telehealth Services at VA Pacific Islands
         Health Care System
   Reese Omizo
     bullet Telehealth Voice Therapy in Remote Regions
         in the Pacific Basin
   Pauline A. Mashima
     bullet Telehealth Wound Care Clinic    Jaclyn Griffin, NP
     bullet Tele-radiology    COL Suzie Martin
     bullet Traumatic Brain Injury Telemedicine (TELE-TBI)    Mr. John Draude
     bullet Virtual Hospital    Lawrence Eron MD
     bullet Waianae Coast Radiology    Jeffrey Yu, MD

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